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I am stitches, i love to travel.              I was walking by my house when i saw a balloon present, i decided to find out who sends them out. I followed it.  It went down by the beach i followed. I saw a guy washed up on the beach. I talked to him, He said his name is Gulliver, And he travels a lot. I would stay and chat with him but, i need to follow that balloon! It went above the sea waters, i am not the best swimmer but i'll try my best. Then I started drowning, then i was sinking, but then an otter guy that said his name was Pascal  picked me up and brought me to the closest landing, the island, and the balloon was still there! I better keep following! I ran after it then I noticed that someone was sitting on a cliff sending them off, i tried my best to make it up the cliff.                                                     Then i said  "Who are you? I'm Stitches i traveled all the way here to see who sends off the balloons!" "I am Serena, i send these off in memory of my mate that died, his name was Wendell, he died of starvation one day when we could not find food, i found an apple i ate it, but then later that night he died. So now i will only sit here forever and send these off. I miss Wendell so much... but now he's only memory that occasionally people see in dreams. But i see him in all of my dreams. I don't know why he's not a ghost... I became a godess when i died, but i died because i was swimming then something got tangled against my paw and I drowned." She said sadly. "I may be a godess but i can't do everything."
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August 24, 2013


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